About Me.


Welcome to my Bliss.

If you have ventured here you may be interested in finding out a little more about me.  I created this blog to be able to not only share Bliss but to also share more about me, my life and fun little details along the way. My goal is Balance. I'm trying to find balance amongst the chaos of my every day life. I'm navigating being a business owner, wife, mother of two as well as filling holes with contract work. Needless to say life really is chaos and sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and take in each moment. 

LOVE(the big things)
Family Time
Being Creative

LOVE (the little things)
coffee. quiet time. laughter. peanut butter m&m's. trash tv. sarcasm. beer. golden hour light. mini cooper. blue eyes. bowling. party planning. quilting. beach. sunshine. 

Thanks for taking a little time to learn more about me and for reading the blog. Hope you find some laughter along the way...

Life Out Loud