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I am going to admit...I HATE SHOPPING! Clothes shopping is by far the worst but I do a little better if its shopping to decorate so I figured now that we know we are having a little girl it was time to work on the nursery. Now...it would have been fun until I could not find what I wanted. I like to make things difficult I suppose by being super picky....and wanting something a little different! I dont want the typical PINK nursery. In fact its already painted a teal color with one wall having a fun wallpaper design on it. We are wanting a more shabby/chic nursery. Lucky for me...I have a wonderful friend, Connie who is going to help me out with custom bedding (LOVE YOU CONNIE!) and my mom who surprised me at Christmas by telling me she was going to come visit this week! Yeah! Going to work on the room with my mom and see what we can either find or craft!

So today....I have spent most of the day looking for ideas on the web with my mom doing the same. So far so good...Getting LOTS of ideas just a matter of finding what we need when she gets here this week. But....instead of posting a photo of some of the fabulous ideas (you will have to wait till I take photos of the finished nursery) I am going to post something I MUST HAVE! Those of you who know me well....Know that I am a bowler :) Been bowling since I was a kid. I found this bowling set that needs to be bought...What do you think?



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