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New Recipes...

Cooking Plus Whitney? Not really a good combo :) Dan is the cook in the family. But to be honest during the week it is so hard for him to cook. He gets home around 6 and by the time we eat it seems like its 8pm. It would be better if I already had dinner started so we could eat at a decent hour. I think Dan would fall on the floor if Dinner was on the table when he got home. LOL. I am not much of a "housewife". He wouldn't know what to do. So I was thinking if I had fun new recipes to try maybe I could get dinner at least started? The other tuff part for me is deciding on something FOR dinner. I am way too picky which means we seem to eat the same thing over and over again. I pretty much eat chicken or shrimp or pasta. No red meat. I am looking for some of you to share some fun new recipes? You can post a comment with a link to one? Or put it in a comment. Or email me? Anything! At one point I was having recipe parties where everyone brought a dish and the recipe. It was a blast. But the days are getting away from me now. Oh...and my only other request is its something easy? Or at least not too complicated? I even have a crock pot if anyone has something for that?

Any ideas would be great! If I use one Ill post a review :)

Thanks in advance to my wonderful blog stalkers!


Just because...

Homemade Baby Food?