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Baby teeth… It is so funny how babies and kids get teeth, lose teeth and get teeth again all at varied ages. Lily is one year old with only 2 bottom teeth. A lot of toddlers have a mouthful of teeth by that age. I am wondering if it is heredity also because it seems to run in our family. I can sympathize on how hard it must be to transition Lily to table foods with just the 2 teeth. It also took my grandson Landon forever to get any teeth.

I remember when Whitney still had not lost any teeth and we had an important occasion/event with lots of photos, etc and of course that is when her 2 front teeth decided to get loose. We were all in a panic! They did manage to stay in for the event, barely.

I did get a little text from Lily’s mommy today, saying “TOP TWO TEETH ARE COMING IN”!! Yay! Life will be a little easier for Lily, who is not much on the baby food idea right now anyway.


Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma

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