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My Darling Little One Year Old...

The face.


Oh how I love my little sweetie. She makes the best faces.  I cant claim this masterpiece this time though. This was Daddy's photo.  We spent an afternoon at a little park that has meadows of wildflowers.  I did not bring a camera nor dress Lily for photos as I was planning on just showing the spot to Dan and Brian so they could take some photos.  But while waiting for the light to get right the boys took a few of Lily. It was interesting as it was one of the first times I was just the Mom. I stood next to her and had her go through all the silly things she knows how to do...Wave bye bye, clap your hands, sign All Gone, Soooo big.....etc. And she was a HAM!  What the heck?  I know the above photo is silly but she really was a good little model. She stayed put on the rock until I moved her and showed us how cute she is.  Amazing.  A special thanks to Brian for taking a few of the photos I am posting here. There is a mix from Dan and Brian so hopefully its okay that I am not crediting each individual photo.  But here is a couple of my favorites...and read at the end as I wrap up Lily's one year stats and info :)


At One:

Weight- 19lbs 14 oz  (28%) Height- 31 inches (95%)

My tall and skinny girl. No longer a chub! Sleeping like a champ...FINALLY!  Thank you sweetie Well...until we start popping a tooth. Yes Top Teeth are finally coming in (still only bottom two are in fully) Love anything apples (applesauce, apple flavor, apples) You love to be read to every night before bed You love your music box with the picture projection...it helps you go to sleep Daddy is still your favorite You can stand with no hands You are very Cautious Not quite ready to walk...but definitely thinking about it You now give open mouth kisses (only when YOU want...but so cute) You are very particular about giving smiles. Only to those you love. Otherwise its GLARE (dont ask me where she gets that from) You love the outdoors You love swinging You have started daycare partime...rough start so far but hopefully soon you will see how much fun the other kids are You love to clap your hands You can sign "All done" You love to throw all your food on the floor. Isnt gravity fun? Bath time is still fun especially when you realize that your voice echos! You LOVE clothes...Maybe we have a fashion designer on our hands You love to explore Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! We made it to ONE!  You are turning into a beautiful little girl and we can not wait to watch you grow.  We Love You!

~Whitney (and Dan too)

Snap Shot Sunday...

Visiting the Farm...