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Lily's 1st 4th of July

We didnt think a firework show would be that entertaining for Lily this year so we decided to have a BBQ at our house for our friends who didnt mind missing the firework show. Now we still got to hear booms until late hours of the night but we didnt actually watch any fireworks. I am not sure Lily liked all the booming. It was a bit of a rough night getting that little girl to sleep and mommy was not feeling too hot. Bad combination. How do mom's get sick days? Oh yeah they dont. Dan stayed home to help today (thanks honey) so lets hope I am better as quick as possible. I think the lack of sleep and craziness over the last few days has finally caught up to me. I just need some good sleep and relaxation I think. We will see how it goes.

Here are a couple cute photos from yesterday's celebration.

Lily...(4th of July outfit from her Grandma)

Lily with her Aunt Destiny!

Lily with her "Adopted Grandparents" Dave & Nancy...

Lily with her 4th of July Buddies...Esme & Ellerie

Simple things...

Happy 4th!