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Snapshot Sunday...

Its been a rough week and I can say we are so thankful for the 3 day weekend!  We have had a sick little girl on our hands and it wasnt until friday that things started looking up.  They had a case of "Hand/Foot/Mouth" at her daycare. Hello...Its more like FREAK/ME/OUT disease.  I mean WHAT?  I guess its fever followed by blisters on hands, feet and mouth...GROSS!!!!!  And hello paranoid mommy who kept checking every inch of Lily's body all week. She had a temp of 103' monday but it finally broke tuesday morning. Then we just had tired...fussy...not too happy girl the rest of the week. Oh and top two teeth decided to join us. Yeah. Fun week :)  Thankfully we did not see any blisters and back to daycare she went on Friday and had a fabulous day (as in NO TEARS!).  Drop off and pick up were a piece of cake.  I could not have been more relieved.  So for today I am going to post a couple pics.  I have a shot of what we had most of the week :(


Poor baby girl!  But dont worry...she is much better now and off making a mess wherever she goes!

Happy Sunday...



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