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Been a bit since I have posted so I think I will just fill this post with some random stuff that I think..thats been happening and whatever else I come up with :)

Here you go....

1. You know you are a parent when the text I get from Dan last night says "Poop". Thats all it said! I was laughing. Yes...we have to discuss Lily's poop! Cracks me up.

2. Baby Wipes pet peeve. I finally figured out how the baby wipe companies make so much money...Cause its IMPOSSIBLE to pull out just ONE baby wipe. Nope...2-3 must come out at once. So you are holding your baby's legs juggling a diaper trying to get a wipe and 3 come out. ANNOYING! Someone really must fix this problem. I thought it was just me till I saw it happen to one of my clients. So its NOT just me! Dumb things.

3. Lily is almost 3 months and night time still kinda sucks. We are luckily down to just one feeding sometime in the middle of the night (from 3am- 6am) which is GREAT. But there are still rough nights. I am praying they will end soon but I hear we wont be sleeping good for the next 18 years! Yeah for us :) ha ha

4. My clients are cracking me up. They are ALL requesting I bring Lily to their appointments. Which I both love and hate. Love it that everyone wants to see her and honestly its easier on me if on the quick appointments I can just bring her...no need to find a sitter. BUT....Going to work is like a Mini Vacation :) So I dont want to bring her! ha ha Just teasing....I dont mind most days...Depends on what is happening at the appointment :)

5. Date night? Whats that? I think we might be in need of one. But honestly I think we would fall asleep if we tried to go out. Guess Date afternoon? LOL

6. Dan and I are so Thankful for our good friends Dave & Nancy. We are not blessed with having our families close by so Dave & Nancy have graciously stepped in as another set of grandparents for Lily. If it werent for them we would NEVER have a break. We couldnt thank them enough for taking care of Lily from time to time so I can work...or we can run quick errands. Oh and about that Date night??? ha ha ha ha.....Just teasing. Thanks to the both of you for all your help! Lily is very lucky to have so many people that love her.

7. Instagram anyone? If you use the app you can follow blisswhitney. I will post pics of Miss Lily and other randomness. In fact the two images I have posted here are from that app. Its fun!

8. Dinners have been going semi okay. I kept the dinner menu up perfectly the first week and then got sick....big bummer. But I will be getting back on it soon. Dan has ate my dinners with no complaining and I think he might have even liked it! LOL. Or he just liked the fact it was ready when he got home? Either way....its worth the effort and I will post some of the success dinners. I just need to remember to take a pic of the finished product.

9. Which reminds me...MOM's DO NOT GET SICK DAYS! Ugh! Getting sick sucks...getting sick AND taking care of a little one...MAJOR SUCKS. You think you have patience...and then you get sick...its all over. Thankfully Dan helped a ton and fed her in the middle of the night several days in a row (we usually take turns) so I could try and get better quickly. Its hard to get better when you are stressed, not sleeping and not eating good, etc. Oh well. Lets hope I can stay healthy now.

I guess thats my random recap of stuff for the day. I am sure I have more but lets stick with what I have here for now!

Posts are always better with pics...so here is two photos I took with my instagram app!



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