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The Bliss Nest is LIVE!

All those sneak peeks of crafty little projects...Well Im finally ready to spill the beans! My mom and I have been working on a play off my photography studio Bliss Studio...We love handmade goodies and making them. So we thought why not create The Bliss Nest! A nest of goodies we have made or found along the way. We are starting out with an Etsy site for now and will also have items displayed in the front room of my studio. If you are interested in taking a peak you can check out our Etsy site by clicking HERE....Or you can also visit our blogsite www.theblissnest.com. We will keep our new products updated on the blog as well as crafty ideas so be sure to add it to your favorites so you can follow along. Thanks to everyone's support so far! Here are just a couple of my favorite products we have posted (we are still working on products so keep checking back!)


Domestic Diva...

SnapShot Sunday...