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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Lily Visit What a very busy week! Jordan and Jenn’s baby shower was a success. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the day. It was really great seeing Whitney, Dan and Lily. She arrived very sick and that put a little kink in all the baby shower prep at first, but thank goodness she was on the mend quickly.

Lily is getting so big, so fast! And, she makes our little Landon look like a giant. His hands look like bear paws next to her tiny little dainty hands. She is such a sweet girl and may have remembered GMA from my April Portland visit for her birthday. She let me hold her and be silly with her right away. She is shy of anyone that she doesn’t seem to know or recognize yet, so progress, (sorry Uncle Jordy)…She didn’t seem to recognize him and was very leery of him; maybe it’s his dark beard? It is so hard being so far away.

Lily loved Landon and he was so good to her, sharing his cars, etc, and it was fun seeing them interact. Lily said kitty! We have 2 furry friends and she was a little happier than they were to be their friend. It is nice to be able to introduce little ones to family pets while they are little so they can learn how to be gentle and kind to pets.

I hope to see everyone and especially Lily before too long so she remembers her GMA.

Teri Troke-  Lily’s Gma

Flying with a toddler.

Thursday Buzz with Gma...