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Snap Shot Sunday+ Fathers Day!

Its a two title day....as today also is Fathers Day.  We will see if "Daddy Dan" actually reads this post without prompting (unless someone wants to clue him in...I wont say a word! ha). We let Daddy sleep in this am...but when I couldnt stand it anymore Lily and I snuck upstairs and woke him up to give him his gift...

Sorry for the not so great photo...but this framed print was designed by me in Photoshop and with a little help from Grandma Nancy we painted Miss Lily's feet and stamped them on it.  Daddy is really Lily's favorite....And she is soooo excited to see him when he gets home so I thought this cute little poem was the perfect touch. Hopefully Daddy is not afraid to hang it up at his work :)

To my husband and father of our child:

Lily and I love you very much. You are the best Daddy either of us could ever hope for. Thank you for loving and caring for us both!  Our home is a better place because of you. Happy Fathers Day Honey!


Mommy & Lily

And just a perfect moment from the day Lily was born:

New Badge...

What on Earth???