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Fussy=Too hot?

I think Lily HATES to be hot? Im not sure...but if she was my daughter she would LOVE the summer warmth. But Im thinking she takes after her dad who also hates to be hot. Its been a rough couple of days. We took her to the fair in Newberg Sunday and then yesterday we attempted the pool. Can you say FUSSY BABY! Had to leave the pool as Lily thought it would be fun to scream her head off which is NOT normal for her. Everyone at the pool giving me dirty looks...and all the while I am thinking "Great...I am one of those annoying people with screaming kids in a public place." LOL. I had to have a sitter for a couple hours to make sure I could stay sane. Love those days huh? And today this is what I wake up to...

Guess she is all better today! What a booger. All is well so far. Fingers crossed she stays an angel today. Or mommy is shipping her to Dave & Nancy's! ha ha ha


Mom is going bald.

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