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All things Etsy/Handmade Day 5

Todays feature is not just a feature! It is also a GIVEAWAY! (details at the end of the post). One of my fabulous Bliss clients has started up a business making Cloth Diapers!

Poodelum & Missy Kate


Located in beautiful Bend, Ore., Poodelum&Missy Kate began on the far end of my enormous kitchen table with my sister's borrowed sewing machine.

Just this last spring, I decided to make a change. Our youngest, now 6 months, was going through disposable diapers with lightening speed. I had always been curious about cloth diapering and decided to take the plunge. I already did a TON of laundry anyway, so why not?

My curiosity grew when I found out how many different kinds/types/brands there were. I asked all my mama friends to share any knowledge they had and began searching blogs for any insight mamas I didn't even know wanted to share with the world.

I became obsessed. But not really obsessed to the point where I buy every different kind/brand out there. I became obsessed with figuring out how to make them myself.

I've always been "crafty." It's in my nature. I've always loved sewing and creating. But now, absorbing a wealth of information from other know-how, crafty, do-it-yourself-genius mamas, I am striving to become an expert.

Katie (Missy Kate) has been generous to offer a cloth diaper and insert for todays Giveaway. Its a $16.00 value.  If you are a cloth diaper user OR are itching to try it out as Katie was this is the perfect opportunity!  Please help share the word!


6 ways to enter. Each entry must be listed in the comment box to count. You can enter up to 6 times. Winner will be selected via random.org! Anyone is free to enter. Would also be a nice gift if you dont need this prize!  DEADLINE TO ENTER IS TUESDAY JULY 3 at midnight!  Easy to enter....one or up to 6 times:

1. Like this Post (please leave a comment saying you like OR LOVE this post) 2. Share this post on Facebook (please leave a comment saying you have posted it on your wall) 3. Visit Poodelum & Missy Kate's Blog (http://poodelummissykate.blog.com) and leave a comment on a post (come back and let us know you did this) 4. LIKE Poodelum & Missy Kate's facebook Page (come back and leave a comment telling us you did this) 5. Tweet this post (leave a comment saying you did this) 6. Like Lily's facebook page (dont forget to tell us...and if you already like it...that counts too)

Here is photos of the awesome prize:


Here are the Links again:

Poodelum & Missy Kate SHOP Poodelum & Missy Kate FANPAGE Poodelum & Missy Kate BLOG

At the very least I hope you will take a minute to peek at Katie's site and send her a little LOVE! Thanks Katie for letting us feature you on the blog! LOVE YOUR SHOP!




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