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First Plane Ride

All I can say is BRAVE. Its not my first choice to travel with Miss Lily. Its not that I am completely afraid to take her...but I also get air sick...So its a bit of a double whammy for me. So my first solution to the problem was to fly my mom here so she could fly with us! Yup. Im a chicken and will not fly for the first time with Lily ALONE. Nope. I have also decided if the flight is totally rough someone will be flying home with me to help! ha ha. I am only going to Reno which of course is a super fast 1 hour and 20 min flight. How bad could it be right? My clients today flew with TWO kids from Germany more than once. So I am thinking I am not allowed to complain. So instead I am going to try and be as prepared as I can, try not to stress and hope for the best. Maybe Lily will Love air travel? You never know. Miss finicky (dont ask me where she got that from) can be a bit of a pill at times so I am just praying I am not the one on the place with the screaming child. If all else fails....I have about 10 FREE drink coupons for Southwest. I think I will just pass them to everyone sitting near so they can all get drunk and then they wont notice? Or at least it will be good Karma.

Any advice for traveling with baby? Besides bringing my mom along that is! LOL


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