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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Monkey business We think that it is so adorable when little ones get attached to their fav animal or doll. Then the magic unravels when they leave their fav toy somewhere or it actually gets lost, panic! Especially if their fav is something they nap or sleep with at night. It is their comfort and they need it. I think back now on some favs that my kids had and found a coincidence. Whitney had a little brown monkey stuffed monkey that you could wind up; I can’t remember the tune it played…It had a little plastic face and a plastic thumb that went in its mouth. Kind of funny, Whitney never sucked her thumb, none of my kids did, or grandkids either, so far. I also got Lily a funny little monkey-faced doll that she loved right away too. And, now Landon’s Gpa brought him home a little stuffed brown monkey named George that he loves also. He now has 3 of the same little monkey, long story short, one at daycare for naps, one at his Daddy’s house and one at our  house. Landon makes Gma BE the monkey; I have to talk to him like I am the monkey, kind of like a puppet scenario. He knows it’s me, but he will talk back and interact with George like it is just the 2 of them. Kind of comes in handy when he is being naughty, I have George talk to him about it and about being good.

I think baby Ella will definitely need her little monkey too J

Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma

Snapshot Sunday...

Best $10 ever spent.