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L.I.L.Y. Love Photo Contest!

We have had enough people game to play so I am officially launching the L.I.L.Y. Love Photo Contest! I am going to make you guys work for this one a bit...and get those creative juices flowing. We know I am a photographer so I am of course going to make it photo related.

L.I.L.Y. Love Photo Contest:

***Take a photo of anything you want. The only requirement is the name LILY must be visible somewhere in the photo. This can be as simple as someone holding a piece of paper with Lily's name on it. However thats not very creative....so you better think of something else :)


1. Photo must be taken from this day forward.
2. Photo can not have the name Lily added after in Photoshop...You must photograph the name IN the actual photo.
3. You must have the rights to the photo. No borrowing someone else's pic. I am going to post on the blog so I need
permission to do so.
3.Email photo to: info@blissstudio.net with your name, city & state.
4. You may enter as many photos as you like.
5. Contest ends Aug. 31st at midnight. All entries must be in my email box by that time/day.
6. ANYONE can enter...friends, family anyone. I will NOT be judging so dont worry!


The winner will have a CHOICE of ONE of these items:

1.Photo session with Bliss Studio (value $95)
2. $25 Gift Certificate to Regal Cinemas Movie Theater
3. $25 Gift Card to itunes
4. $25 credit to Sticks & Fuzzies
5.8x8 circle frame from The Organic Bloom"root beer float" (value $99)

If I get enough entries I will have a few runners up as well that will receive Starbucks gift cards. MUST have at least 20 entries for that! So help pass the word!

Good Luck and Have Fun! I can not wait to see what you guys come up with. I KNOW I have some creative Blog readers! If you have any questions please let me know!


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Contest anyone?