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Art Day Adventure...

And an adventure it was: 5 adults + 8 kids. No problem right? Lets just say good thing the Art Studio was mostly empty cause we were CHAOS! ha.  Just kidding. It was actually a blast.  There is an Art Studio in my complex (you may have seen a post on my Bliss Blog) that I LOVE!  I went there on my own and was so excited that I invited a ton of people for the 2nd visit.  This Art Studio is called My Masterpiece Art Studio.  It is an awesome place for kids and/or adults to experience all kids of different mediums. They have clay, painting, chalk, drawing etc.  Its affordable even if you have toddlers who have short attention spans. For Lily I got her a Mini Kit for I think $8.00?  It had clay and several papers to try different things with.  Lily wasnt too sure about the clay...and thought tasting the paint was fun :(  But other than that she was adorable!  I am excited to take her back again. I know as she gets older it will be even more fun for her...they even have classes once she hits 2! Here is a series of iphone pics I snagged...(ending with a shot taken at the Mall...AFTER...art adventure. Might as well brave that too right?)

Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Snapshot Sunday...A day late!