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First Time at the Beach!

We FINALLY were able to go to the Beach this last weekend.  The Sanow Family has been trying to get us to go for months but our weekends get hectic and we were never able to commit.  Well we are a last minute planning family nowadays so we decided Let's go!  It was a really nice day...not too hot despite the fact that it was 100 in ptown...it was cloudy at the coast but this meant no sunscreen and zero sweating. It was more pleasant than we thought.  Lily did pretty good with the sand. Not too much eating it. She wasnt so sure about it and tried to stay on the blanket but by the end it she decided it wasnt too bad.  We were lucky on this trip to be able to utilize a house the Sanow's had access too.  This made the whole trip SO much easier.  We were able to bathe the girls after the beach...eat dinner and get them all ready for bed at the house before we headed home.  What a relief!   It was an exhausting day but I am so glad we went and so happy the Sanow's were able to go with us.  An adventure with all our girls is always a blast! Here are a few pics...


SnapShot Sunday...