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Rice Cereal

Its time for Lily to start on some cereal! First...Can there seriously be that many choices? I sat in target staring for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to get. I finally texted my sister..."this"....

I am sure she was laughing at me...but I was clueless. All I could remember the doctor saying was no fruit yet. And something about 1-2 spoonfuls 1-2 times a day? Can we be more specific? Before bottle? After bottle? Morning? Night? Seriously only a spoonful? How is that gonna help? So I get home with a box of this rice cereal and I grabbed an organic oatmeal box too just in case and then called down to "Grandma Nancy"....HELP! I am a goof! But up she came to chat a little more about Rice Cereal and I felt a little better. We decided to give it a go while she was here and we could not stop laughing. I am not sure Lily was too excited about it. I am told it tastes awful but there is not a chance I will be tasting it (and not sure why people are? LOL). Here is Miss Lily after a couple of bites...

I am pretty sure the majority was on her face. Not sure she actually got any of it. But it was fun to watch her try. Im glad our kids can be entertaining for us! ha ha.

Thanks Nancy for your help...We will see how Lily does the next couple weeks with her "Yummy" cereal!


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