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Lily is 4 months...

My little girl is 4 months! It does kinda fly by but at the same time I am so excited for her to be bigger and to watch as she hits milestones in her life. Lets see if we can do a quick recap of 4 months:

15lbs 26 inches
78th % and 96 %! Wowsers. Miss Lily is HUGE! LOL. Well she has definitely at least caught up. You would never know she was a premie.

We have found our hands...Quite Tasty.
We giggle out loud!
We are (mostly) sleeping through the night!
We like to snuggle with our blanket.
We have MORE than found our voice. Quite entertaining for Mommy & Daddy.
We have found/learned/inherited...hmmm...Mommy's attitude. Oh Joy.
We like sitting up. Forget this laying down business.
We eat Rice Cereal...Well actually we more smear it all over our face but who's judging.
We have been on our first plane ride.
We are wearing 6 month clothes.
We like to smile at everyone just to remind them how cute we are.
We grab and play with our toys now.
We LOVE Tv (blaming Daddy for that one).
We love BathTime and making sure we pee in it every time.

I think that is a pretty good recap of the last month. She is a growing girl!


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