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First Day of New Job

Well today went off almost too perfect. It was my first official day of the new job and Ill admit I was a little nervous about being there "ready" by 10.  I know...10? But for me thats a stretch. That means Lily at daycare by 9:30...have to drive there and drop off (always takes a bit) Plus I must be showered and "presentable". At least for my first day right? Hat tomorrow. LOL.  Lily...My Angel. Slept till 9am! I could not have been happier. This meant I was able to shower and get completely ready before she was up. Then just get her ready and out the door we went. Made it on time WITH starbucks in hand for me AND Dan :) Such a good wife. Oh did I mention Im working at Dan's office? Yeah that. He is "sorta" my boss. But yeah right. LOL. Anyway...Thank you Lily for the perfect morning. And a HUGE thank you to my favorite Ashley who is now caring for Lily almost full time.  Lily has been going there since the beginning of this month and what a change. She LOVES it.  Today I got this picture of Lily doing art and then I am sharing the finished piece which now hangs in Daddy's office!


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