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Thursday Buzz with Gma...

Good Old-Fashioned Fun with GMA-Baking Homemade Organic Pies! We have so many peaches, apples, pear-apples, (yep, those are a fav) and pears, most of which are hanging off branches over our fence from our neighbors. Thanks and no thanks! We have been picking up rotten apples and pears for weeks now.  The peach tree is the only one actually growing in our own yard… The problem with the apples on the ground is that my Yorkies love them and have been gnawing on them and then coming into my house and getting sick. I was thinking of taking a pie over to the neighbors and asking if we can cut those branches hanging over into our yard, trying to think nice. Some alternative not so nice suggestions include throwing all the fruit back over the fence into their yard.

Anyway, we do like the fruit that we have been able to pick, eat, share and yes use to bake some delicious pies. I haven’t made homemade pies from fresh-picked fruit in years.  It sure was a lot of work and I had my little special helper Landon too. He stayed with me in the kitchen and “helped me” through the whole process as I was peeling, peeling and more peeling, then cutting up so he could help mix the ingredients and of course eat bites of fruit. He is so proud of those pies and wanted to show everyone and tell them that he made them.

Try multi-tasking making apple and peach pies at the same time with a 3 year-old, geez louise! It is SO much work and I got a little distracted and tired and over cooked my apple a bit, but I agree that they turned out delicious. Quality time with Landon and fresh homemade pies, watch out Lily and Ella, you are next!

Teri Troke- Lily’s Gma

Thursday Buzz with Gma...

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