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Need to catch up...

Do you miss me? Well more importantly do you miss Lily? Or Lily posts? Okay maybe all three?  Its time I get back to this. I know there are at least two of you who check up on the blog regularly and are probably wondering WHAT IS TAKING HER SO LONG? Ummm...Two jobs, volleyball, bowling, traveling...Oh yeah and being a wife and MOM! Whew.  No complaining though. Just still working through my time management skills. Somewhere in all of it I have to find time to sleep. It would really be a lot easier if we could squeeze just a few more hours in a day in.  I know there are a few of you who would agree. So lets see...I was in Reno shooting...and of course visiting my family and in Eugene shooting and in Portland shooting the last 4 days. What a whirlwind. Dont worry I still had time for Lily snuggles and this moment I got to enjoy and smile...(okay and maybe a shed a tear or two)

I have said it before...But Lily's favorite thing is outside "souside". She see's daddy and thats the first thing she says to him.  Sunday morning was no different. I woke up with Lily and had some mommy time with her before Daddy came downstairs (much needed snuggle time).  When Daddy came down Lily runs to him "Souside" and says it over and over again. Dan is laughing but saying no Lily not right now...Its cold outside (it was about 9:30am).  She kept begging...And then the kicker came..."Souside...Daddy." Oh geez....She did it. Added the Daddy and guess what? Of course she got her way.  It was ADORABLE. She has said Thank You Mommy and has been adding Mommy to the end of stuff but had not added Daddy yet. So Souside they went. With me promptly behind them with coffee and Lily's breakfast. Coming inside was not happening so you see she enjoyed her pool while eating. Happy Camper she was and a sweet Daddy Dan for taking her out.  Yes...Lily is spoiled...and Yes....Lily has figured out how to get her way. Oh Here We Go. Ha!

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