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Egg Toss Anyone?

Family trip to the grocery store...what a fun event.  Lily kept taking stuff out of the cart and playing with it, Shaking it or trying to eat it. I guess we were taking too long and she was getting bored.  It wasn't too big of deal as I gave her a few things she couldnt hurt (plus she had her stuffed Tiger).  So we travel down the Lily aisle (had to get some squeezies for her) and I go to grab some of the shelf while telling Dan to "watch her"....and then it happens. Dan yells "AHHH" I of course panic thinking Lily is falling out (granted she is buckled!) and I hear a Crack. Down went the egg.


Awesome. Now what? Guess who gets to tell the worker what my Daughter did. Yeah. Embarrassing. And the poor guy says oh dont worry it happens? What? Kids throw eggs in the store?  Shame on them! Well Lily enjoyed the toss. She said Uh Oh and kept looking at it. Probably trying to figure out why we couldnt give her the egg back so she could throw it again. Here is my girl with her egg...eating her squeezie.


You think she looks guilty? LOL

So today. Lily tells me Potty and stinky. So I ask if she wants to sit on her potty. She does. So I take her diaper off and she sits on her potty. For a minute or so. Then she stands up. And. Promptly.......PEES ON MY FLOOR!  Are you serious? What in the heck! Clearly she knew she needed to potty. WHY ARE YOU PEEING ON MY FLOOR MISSY! I was trying so hard not to laugh as I didnt want her to think it was funny too. But it was hilarious!

My week. In a nutshell.


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