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The things I have learned...(so far)

This whole experience through Mommy-Ville has been quite the journey. I won't say I was living in some fantasy where I had no clue what to expect...I did know the reality of it which is why Dan and I waited so long. Here is just ten thoughts of what I have learned...both funny and serious.

1. Life as a Mommy=Everything is half done.
I swear...thats exactly how it feels. I try working on one room of the house...something happens and I am on to the next. Never actually finishing the first room. Its a daily thing...and some days makes me crazy. But its the life.

2. Getting Dressed is an accomplishment.
Silly? Yes..but its true. I tend to live in my PJ's which as luxurious as it may sound its only fun at the beginning. At some point you feel like a slug and just want to get dressed and showered so you can feel human again. Im not gonna lie...It is usually AFTER Dan comes home that I get to do this :)

3. Ten Minutes to yourself=Heaven.
Yup...Heaven. You know you need a minute when your used to be 5-10 minute shower is more like 20 minutes now. You are milking every last second of that time to yourself.

4. Bed Time? 9pm.
That one just plain sucks. We used to be more of a midnight family. But I am seriously so exhausted by the end of the day...its 9pm and my eyes will not stay open. How can something so small make you so tired? Who knows...but she finds a way to wear me out.

5. Worrying. Worrying. Worrying.
Guess that comes with the territory of being a mom. Always worried about little Lily...And so I hear this never ends :)

6. Me time=Miss my Girl.
This one is a little odd. I can be craving some time to myself but when I am actually taking that time it feels weird to not have Lily? Go figure.

7. A smile or a giggle (or both) can make your ENTIRE DAY.

8. Gross baby fluids: ie. Poop, pee, spit, drool, food mess....Are a way of life.

9. Can't Imagine Life without her.
Dan said this morning how can it only have been 4.5 months? Seems like a lifetime. Well that might have been because we were up all night with the booger :) Or it could be because he can not imagine our lives without her. She completes our family!

10. LOVE. How can you love something so much you barely met? But you can...You would do anything for your little booger and you love them so much! Even when they drive you nuts...You still love them to death. And that brings us back to #7. Biggest Pill EVER and then a smile....So much for being frustrated...Instead your heart melts.

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