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Guest Bloggers Please :)

Calling all Guest Bloggers...

You already know this mommy blogger has been so busy that Lily's blog has not been updated as much as I would like. Even "Daddy Dan" said I was slacking (hello....A girl can only do so many things at one time! Tis the season).  So I have a fun solution that should hopefully give me a little time to take a deep breath and catch up!  Guest Bloggers!  Yes that means YOU!  I know there are a few of you who read this blog regularly (Jamie, Sam, Grandma Lynda!) and maybe a few of you I dont even realize read regularly.  And yes...I am calling a few of you out by name so no excuses for you! ha!  For the month of Dec (or at least the beginning...depending on how many helpers I get) I would like to post a guest blog post everyday (or almost everyday).  What I would like is a favorite holiday dish (with recipe), a favorite gift idea for a little one (or a Mommy), a favorite Holiday tradition or another topic if you have one in mind?  Please be sure to include a well written post AND any photos you might have. Please play! Help a momma out! And help make this blog a fun place to visit. You are welcome to write more than one...but email me your submissions to info@blissstudio.net and put Guest Post in the subject line. Also you can send them as soon as you can....I can schedule posts as they come in.   Hope to hear from many of you.  Fingers Crossed!
~Whitney (a tired and busy mommy)

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