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Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Sticks & Fuzzies...

Are you looking for gifts for your little ones? Or for a friend or family members little one? Check out www.sticksandfuzzies.com (Etsy shop). There are hats, boo boo bags, headbands, burp cloths and Toddler Aprons (will be posted soon).  We are having a 12 days of Christmas with a special everyday. Today is Day One. Save 15% off your order with code 12days15.  We will be posting on our facebook page each days special so be sure to LIKE our page. In other news...Ill also be starting my guest posts! Super excited! Thanks to those who have already emailed me. But I might call a few more out...Hmm....Auntie Jenn (You have to have something for me!) and how about Lacy? I think you check up on me from time to time! Come on girls!  Ill keep calling people out till I have lots ready to post! ha!  Thanks in advance...Love having everyone share!


SnapShot Sunday

Family Photos!