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Guest Blogger~Lynda!

Hi there.  My name is Lynda.  I’m Lily’s Great Grandma.  I can’t wait for the day I can make the trip to Oregon and meet Lily.  I just know we’re going to become best buddies.  Look out GMA, you’ve got competition. I love this time of year.  I look forward to just sitting by the fire.  I get hypnotized by it.  But, my favorite reason for loving the holidays is “I get to clean my house!”  OH BOY, OH JOY TO THE WORLD!  Why do we have to go through all of this when all of the decorations are going to cover up most of the dust and nobody will even notice the cobwebs because they’ll be looking at the tree anyway.  When company comes over they will be smelling cookies and pies.  They won’t even care about walking across the sticky kitchen floor to get some.  If you ask me, a clean house during the holidays is the sign of a very sick and depressed person.  I’d rather be sloppy and happy.  Who wants to vacuum when you can spend your time laughing and stringing popcorn?

Thanks for the chance to blog and vent.  I feel much better now.  Have a nice day!  XOXO

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