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5 Months Old...

Today Miss Lily turned 5 Months Old. She is currently 16 lbs 14.5 oz. Can you say CHUNK! This girl is HUGE :)

Its been a stressful couple of days....A trip to the doctor and a sore bum makes for an unhappy baby and a teary eyed mom. A week or so ago Lily developed a diaper rash from the Huggies we bought from Costco. We stopped using them as soon as she got it but there were a couple of spots that looked like blisters. I have never seen a diaper rash quite like that but we kept putting stuff on it and hoping it would go away. The rash is pretty much gone but the spots that had blisters still had a red bump that looked like a bug bite or a zit. Well....The icky part is one of those spots got infected and now Lily has an Abscess on her poor little bum. And this thing is HUGE...her whole cheek :( All I can say is OWIE and it makes me want to cry just seeing it. She literally got the bump overnight...we took her to Dr same day and they said we needed to wait for it to pop...Like a big zit. OMG. I was ready to puke. EWWWW. So hot bath soaks and praying it would pop when Daddy was home right? Nope it waits for me to be all alone and after her bath today it decides to give me some love. Yeah. Love. So gross and poor Lily (or poor me if you really want the truth? LOL). I got what I could out but she is still hurting and its not fully drained. We tried again this evening and had a screaming Lily and a crying mommy for about 30 minutes. Wow. And its still NOT drained all the way. The good/bad news is Dan and I will be celebrating our anniversary without Lily and she will be staying with a Nurse. I feel bad leaving her but the good is that I know she will probably be in better care than I can give her. And now I will be hoping its all better when I return. I know Nancy is thrilled to watch Lily and be able to make her bum better! ha ha.

Thats the icky for the day. Hope I didnt gross you guys out too much. The things we have to deal with huh? I will let you know how Lily's first overnighter goes without us soon. Or better yet how our first night away from our baby goes :)

Here is a quick shot of my Big 5 Month Old from today...

Hope you guys are working on your entries? You have until Sunday night! Im excited to see some more "5" photos!


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