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Baby Elephant Lily!

Most of you I am sure have heard there is a new baby elephant at the Portland Zoo. There was a poll where everyone was able to vote on the elephants name. Of course we and everyone I could get voted for Lily! And in case you didnt know....The mom elephants name is Rose-Tu. So now we can tell our Lily that both elephants share her name ~ Lily Rose!  So adorable!  We have not had a chance to visit and see the new elephant yet but I snagged a couple photos from a post online. And I am so sorry....I do not know where these came from :(  I feel bad but I was in a hurry to grab a couple shots and wasnt paying attention. I take zero credit however.  Hopefully soonish we will take a trip to the zoo and snag some shots of our own. For now here is Baby Lily...


Guest Blogger- Samantha!

Guest Blogger- Cousin Ella! (with a little help from Auntie Jenn)