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Spray Painted Santa...

Santa pics this year were not the best. We were in a hurry. Lily was sleepy and our Santa....well he was creepy and Spray Painted! ha ha ha! Im being mean. It was fine...and it was my choice. I knew what the Santa looked like and decided it was more important that I could take my own pics then what the santa looked like. Last year the photo I got from the Mall Santa was terrible. I even bought the digital file in hopes that I could make it look better. Its hard to make a bad quality photo much better. I sure tried but oh well. So this year it was important that I found a Santa where I could take a couple of my own pics. And so we meet Spray Painted Santa :) Β The volunteer Santa at 7 Dees Landscaping. He wasnt that bad. Just needs to work on that gray hair. Maybe a few more years of being Santa and a few more screaming kids and his gray hair will appear? We can hope. Lily did not cry. Just gave us the usual. You know. The Lily Pout. She is just the sweetest thing isnt she?


Happy Birthday Daddy Dan!

Snapshot Sunday!