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Cousin Ella's Visit...

Finally the Christmas Recap!  We hosted Christmas at our house this year. We had a few family members come to visit including of course my niece Ella!  Probably not too nice to title this post Cousin Ella's visit when my little brother and sister in law were also visiting. But she is SO CUTE...how can I not make this post all about her. You guys can forgive me...its what being a parent is all about. Kids take over everything! Ha! I loved seeing everyone...but yes Ella was a DOLL. She was all smiles and I am sure she thought her Aunt was the coolest. Lily did her best to hold Ella and she thought that was pretty cool. Now when Daddy held Ella...Lily did NOT think that was as cool. Sharing Daddy is not for Lily. She is rather possessive of him!

Here is a cute shot of Ella and her Daddy (Jordan) and one of the cousins...

I didnt post much about Christmas as I didnt really take that many photos this year. Shame on me. I did manage to get one of the tree and maybe two of Lily opening gifts? I had to help her so that took my camera hand. Plus she had so many presents to open she was kinda over it. Luckily we were able to spread out the opening over a few days.

Our Tree...

"Most" of our gifts were beautifully wrapped/decorated. I say most. Okay...not going to try and fib my way through this. Im guilty. This year I had my assistant wrap gifts. DONT JUDGE. There were only so many hours in a day and I needed help. So there. Regardless if you are judging me just see how adorable they were...

Adorable. And admit it....If my assistant could have wrapped your gifts....You would have liked it! But dont worry. I promise I decorated a few gifts. Oh and ummm...well....I dont think I wrapped ANY (Thanks MOM). And no making fun of my "decorations"

Im guessing now you are jealous right? I mean chalk decoration on the gift wrap? If only you thought of it first? Whew. Now that we are hopefully laughing...Just know...The more tired I am...The funnier I get. Or obnoxious. Guess it depends on the day. You have been warned.

On a serious note...Thank you to all our special family that traveled near and far to spend the holiday with us! We were able to have my mom for a couple days to...who wrapped (shhh) and helped me with all the shopping. We actually shopped from 1pm-10pm one of the days she was here. For anyone who actually knows me...This was quite amazing. I HATE shopping. But it was a successful outing and we actually had a fun mother/daughter day! Thanks Mom :)  And thank you to everyone else! It was a great holiday and so happy we could spend it together! Hugs from all of us!


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