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We survived...Barely!

We made it through Lily's first official overnighter and my first night away from her. Dan has traveled for work and I have taken Lily on a trip so he has had a few free nights....but this was my first. I am usually fine during the day as its nice to have a break and to be able to get a bunch of stuff done. But I was worried about the night. Now dont get me wrong...I was SO looking forward to a full nights sleep with no potential interruption (she isnt always a pill at night..but most of them still). We left Lily with her adopted Grandparents Dave & Nancy where I knew she would be in good care no matter what. I apologized that they may be up giving her a binky all night but what do you know...the little booger slept SOUNDLY all night. I am thankful and annoyed at the same time! ha ha ha. But dont worry she paid us back on Sunday and Monday night...Dan and I were up 7-8 times those nights. Yeah. Big Time Paybacks. That is more than double the amount I usually have to get up (some days zero times but lately seems like 2-3 times).

Saturday at the Coast for our Anniversary was a perfect relaxing day. We had massages...dinner and SLEEP! It was a much needed trip. But Sunday though I did find myself missing Lily quite a bit. I would watch everyone I saw with their babies longingly. As much as we could have used a full weekend (two nights) at the coast I dont think I would have made it. We had full updates and a few photos sent to us (what did we do before iphones again?) So we still felt in the loop. And I think Lily enjoyed her overnight stay of being spoiled. I am sure as she gets older those overnight spoil moments are going to be awesome for her. I am not sure who wore who out? I think Dave and Nancy got her so tuckered out that she couldnt do anything BUT sleep all night! hmmm....Might have to work on that myself.

Thanks so much to the Hutt's for watching our little Peanut! We so appreciate it and are very thankful we could celebrate our 7 year anniversary with a nice relaxing weekend. We might need to do it again next month? ha ha ha ha....

Here is a couple pics from our trip to Cannon Beach:

Haystack Rock

My "Bliss" Moment

So Sweet!


New Look...

Lily Giggles...