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What A Week.

And it was just that. A week. A very LONG week. But all shall pass and things are on the mend. What the heck you ask? Well....We ended up in the ER on thursday night for Dan. He had an infection on his lip that got so bad he could not close his mouth. He was on meds that were not working so off to the ER we went. Well I thought that was bad enough? I mean being in the ER scares me. There is sick people there afterall. EWWWW. ha!  But we were in the ER for 4 hours. Well 3 I suppose. Then the bomb hit. Surgery. Not a real bomb but man did it feel like it. My mouth dropped open as the polite surgeon informed us he would be in the hospital for a couple of days and he would be going in for emergency surgery in the am. WHAT THE HECK? My brain no longer was working. I mean really? We just had an infection cant you just fix it and send us home? Nope. Has to be done surgically. Awesome. Dan was admitted and moved to a room. I got home around 12:30am and "thought" about sleeping. Who could really sleep though? I left my hubby at the hospital and he was in tons of pain. And I would not be back until he was out of surgery and back in his room. It was a LONG night. I know it was for him too so I really shouldnt complain too much...but I was SO WORRIED.  I know it was minor surgery but I think it was more the shock than anything. The unexpected. And Surgery is scary no matter how you look at it. There is always risks. Dan however is just fine. He survived surgery (and so did I! ha) and is now home recovering. He is doing much better and should be back to work later this week.  Oh and in case you didnt catch all that (or didnt already know)....He had an infection that had to be drained. Gross I know. Then he came home with a drain attached to his lip. Double gross. It looked more like a straw. And I uh...well....tried to avoid looking at him too much (SHH!).  Thankfully that is now removed and he is much easier to look at! (Sorry Honey...You know I love you).  I dont handle medical gross bloody anything. Hospitals scare me (dont ask HOW I had Lily) but I was as supportive a wife as I could be. Hopefully Dan understands.  I am very Thankful for Dave & Nancy who were able to help with Lily during all this craziness! Thats the long and short of the week. Thank you to everyone for all the calls, emails and support. Dan is a trooper and Lily and I are BOTH happy to have him safely at home with us.

In other Happier News....Today was a good day. Lily found her shadow. Can you say HILARIOUS!  She was afraid of it at first. I was cracking up. I tried to explain it was her shadow so she said "Bye Bye Shadow" and would attempt to run from it. I was having visions of Peter Pan! Might need to pull that movie out and watch it!

I also finished a fabulous baby/toddler blanket today. Well actually two!  I will be posting them on www.sticksandfuzzies.com if anyone is interested in a unique blanket! It would make a fabulous shower gift for someone special (Id love you if you bought it for me...Its THAT cute!).  Here is one pic....Check the site to see more information!

More soon~ Whitney

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