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Crafty Stuff

Its not very often that I make things for me or for Lily. Its more often that I am busy making items to sell on Sticks & Fuzzies or The Bliss Nest.  I have to remember to make stuff for us too! OR I have to test the product out first right? Then if I love it.....time to sell?  Or at least that is what I am trying to do. First up is a cute hat I made just for Lily. She has a gray coat that I wanted something to match. So I found some gray and lavender yarn and whipped this out one evening...

Next we have her new blanket! I know I posted a polk a dot one a few days ago but this one is Lily's. I love it so much!  I have another one just like it posted for sale but I made Lily's her blanket first. I remember when I was pregnant going all over the place with my mom looking for that "special" blanket. We hit every boutique and baby store we could find. We really loved the little giraffe ones as they were so soft. This blanket has the minky rosebud pattern on the back and on the front I used home decor fabric which gives the blanket a little more weight (warmth) and gives a fun canvas/linen type texture to the blanket. I made it larger too 40x40 so its great for my little toddler. If only I figured out how to sew while I was prego and not after! Shesh!  These blankets really are awesome. If you want one for you or a gift get in touch with me!



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