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Inspiration is Everywhere-Photo Tip Friday Series

Dan was recently encouraging me to embrace my photography knowledge and share it with other readers/moms.  Just simple tips/tricks/inspiration....whatever I can pass along or give people something to try or think about.  I thought it sounded kind of fun so Ill start a Friday Photo Tip Series and see what you guys think? Today will be the first share and a test to see if it is something you guys would like to read? Please give me your thoughts! Inspiration is Everywhere

It really is. Every where I turn I can find something inspiring. Yesterday Dan and I went to Bridgeport Village for lunch and I kept finding little pieces of inspiration. First up was the sushi restaurant. Plates. Glued to the wall. It was awesome. I thought...what a fun thing for a kitchen? And then...what a great backdrop...then the color, lines and pattern made this even more inspiring. No matter how I thought about it...It was inspiring. So what did I do? I took a photo of course. I grabbed my trusty little iphone and snagged a shot.

I always look for inspiration in every day. I snag photos and safely put them in an inspire folder of pics. It gives me something to look at if I am feeling un-creative. Or just need a little boost of creativity. I encourage you to take either your mobile device or your "real camera" and find something that you see as inspiring. There is no right or wrong answer. Just something that stands out to you as different or something you see that makes you happy. Colors, patterns, shapes, a feeling, a moment. Just shoot. You dont have to be a pro. You dont have to worry about how the photo turns out or if you are doing it right. Just find YOUR inspiration. And if you want to share? Id love to see it! To give you one more photo example here is one more I took yesterday.

This is the window of Urban Outfitters. And I seriously LOVE that crazy wall with all the mixed vintage patterns! Makes me happy!

Happy Hunting!


Coming up in future Photo Tip Fridays: -Organizing Photos -Pinterest -Instagram -Fun photo Apps -Creativity for the heart -Finding Light -Mom Advantage

I know these are a little vague (well some of them are) but they will be fun little thoughts and tips for each of them. If you have anything you would love to hear some thoughts or advice on...let me know!

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