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Personal Projects x2

I always have too much going on I know. And I work in a creative field FULL of projects...so Why you ask do I need more on my plate? Well because its important to have something for yourself. A project that you can work on here and there and have the greatest sense of accomplishment when its complete. Plus I need a creative outlet that is not work related. Something just for me that I love to do.  I have two personal projects that I am working on right now that I know will most likely be a year project. No rush to finish. No stress that I need to work on them. They are there for me to work on when I have a little free time or just want to do something away from my computer for a bit. My first personal project is a quilt. Actually two quilts. My good friend Samantha found a "Scrap Quilt" Book called "Sunday Morning Quilts" that has been a whirlwind of inspiration. Using scraps we have floating around she and I are compiling 2 quilts each....Hoping to use as much of our scraps as we can. No wasting fabric!  One of my quilts is black, yellow, grey and white and the other is a colorful combo of oranges, browns and greens. It really has been fun gathering scraps and making the crazy patterns/colors fit together.  I am super excited for this personal project and can not wait for them to be complete. Here are two quick pics so you can see what I mean. AND if you want to give me scraps...ILL TAKE THEM :)  Just thought I would throw that out there. Then you can say you helped out right? ha!


My second personal project for the year is a cookbook. This one may surprise some people...I mean I dont cook (SHHH!) HA! But seriously I want to create a favorite recipe cookbook that I can have and use. I have been posting recipes on food I have made on the blog and honestly I am on pinterest and the blog trying to find something I made and its a huge pain. So I thought it would be fun to compile the winners into an actual book that I can pull out and use. I may even have a few people on board to help out with their favorite dishes. This will use my photo skills a bit on making sure I get good before/after or important photos for each dish along with any tips/tricks I found when actually cooking the dish.  I will admit I have been cooking a lot more since I had Lily as its really important to me to sit down as a family and  have dinner. Pinterest has of course been a big help but I still like holding a book in my hand with recipes and putting it on my little stand while I cook. Plus any excuse to take photos and design a book (which I love doing both).  Looking forward to the outcome of this project as well and hope to include Lily as my little helper when making some of these dishes. My little princess MUST be featured in the book after all right? Sporting her beautiful handmade apron from Sticks & Fuzzies. Yup! Stay tuned for more...and of course here is a couple pics from a favorite dish. Granted only iphone pics...might have to pull out the big camera for this project!


I encourage you to be creative even though we live in crazy busy lives. Find a simple project that you can work on and that will make you happy. It does not have to be a quick project just something you can embrace here and there but know that in the end you will have a sense of pride in what you created! If you have something you want to share please do! I would love to hear what your personal project(s) is!


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