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This and That...

We are slowly creeping up on TWO years old (April 23). Super exciting! I have been working away on some fun party planning. I will say we are happy that a few very special guests will be able t to attend Lily's party all the way from Reno...Cousin Ella and Cousin Landon (okay and of course the rest of you coming too!)  It looks like we are going to have about 10 little ones at the party which to me shows that Lily is growing up! Its no longer all about the adults its now all about the kids! Since I havent had a good Lily update I thought I would post some randomness of her right now and will try and do a more proper one for 2 Years once her 2nd bday arrives!

Lets see...

Lily says just about anything we tell her to. Full sentences and is a pretty good communicator. She loves for us to sing to her and she likes to "help" with the parts she knows or give us the next word if we pause. Its super cute. Hearing her say "No more Monkeys jumping on the bed" is hilarious. She loves feeding, diapering and taking care of her doggy and babies. She says NO High Chair...Wants to sit up at the big girl table Same goes with her potty...no wants "Mommy Potty" She is a wiz at her little ipad Mini and could prob teach someone how to use it! Lily can count to 10! Lily knows lots of her letters too (not quite all of them yet) Miss Independent wants to do everything herself. Its cute. And not. All at the same time. She gives me butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses...LOVE.

Just cause we always need those embarrassing photos to pass on. Here is Lily enjoying not One. But Two. Of my underpants. Awesome. Dont worry they are clean at least! Oh and she is cracking up while I am taking the photo cause she knows she is funny of course. Oh Lily.

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