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PhotoTip Friday...

For this post I was hoping my readers would help me out a bit? I know there are a few who have been excited about this series and Im hoping to gain a little more knowledge from you guys so I know what areas would be helpful.  If you would leave a comment answering any or all of these questions I would REALLY appreciate it. If you are not comfortable leaving a comment you are welcome to email me.  The comment would be fun though as its a good sharing for everyone to see what others are doing. Up to you though. Ill take any info I can get :) 1. What type of camera (or mobile device) do you primarily shoot with? 2. What is your favorite subject to Photograph? 3. Where do you prefer to share your photos (ie facebook, twitter, blog, etc) 4. What area(s) could you use a little help or advice in? 5. Anything you want to add?

We can start there...dont want this to be to complicated. I appreciate the help!


Snapshot Sunday