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Lily's 2nd Birthday Party

First I keep forgetting...Lily had her two year Dr. appt and she is 24lbs (22%) and 34 inches (69%).  So still a little tall but super skinny! Lily's party was quite the success. I know both Dan and I felt so blessed to have all the friends and family together to celebrate Lily.  It was a beautiful day and other than Miss Lily deciding a nap was overrated it could not have been more perfect. Just a small melt down or two but all in all she did GREAT!  I know she loved having everyone especially when they sang Happy Birthday! Her new favorite song to sing to herself. Oh yes she STILL sings Happy Birthday to Lily! Its adorable.  I have a random batch of photos as I always seem to busy to remember to get good photos. So thank you to Dan and Jonny who helped me out a bit.  First we have all the fabulous details. The cake and cupcakes were made by my sister-in-law and I. They were definitely more pretty then they were tasty. Which was sad. But I am more known for my boozy cupcakes and somehow that did not seem appropriate for a toddler party. So hey. It is what it is. At least they were moist, fresh and pretty. The important things. LOL.  The butterfly mobiles were handmade by Grandma Nancy and I (SO CUTE!), I also made a fabric flag banner with different yellow vintage fabrics (failed to get photo! grrrr).  As always parties at my house are fully decorated and as crafty as I can get!  I LOVE planning parties :)


Thank you to everyone who was a part of this very special event. Thanks to everyone who helped...Mom for shopping and running all the last minute errands, Sam for making the YUMMY Soup, Jen for your baking/decorating skills, Nancy for the craft project, mobiles and muffins, My hubby for putting up with all the planning and doing what I said! LOL  And if I forgot anyone...I promise I love ya! I should say a HUGE thank you to all that traveled to be here! You guys are AWESOME! And I am so happy you came!


Snapshot Sunday...

Lily's Playroom...