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To Duct Tape Or Not to Duct Tape.

I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE.  Yes. Im screaming. Tearing my hair out. Irritated. Whatever you want to call it.  Lily is driving us BATTY. The last week has been amplified and now I really do want to tear my hair out.  Last night we went through THREE naked Lily's between the hours of 8-10. THREE.  A record for her. Its usually once...maybe twice....but never three times.  Instead of sleeping (and yes she is tired) she removes all her clothing and diaper. In fact last week I even had to dress and diaper her while she was sleeping (had already redressed her once...2nd time she was asleep).  I love that Lily sleeps in a bit...however this 10pm bedtime is making us nuts. There is no rest. I am worried about her the whole time. We have to keep going in there to check on her and dress her. UGH. Done with this stage.  I am going to go get Jammies with a zipper in the back which hopefully will solve the problem or at least help.  Didnt want to spend $30 on special jammies so it was suggested to buy a larger sized jammie and put them on backwards. If that does not work....I am seriously going to duct tape her diaper. It had been suggested....but then I got made to feel guilty....so I am not sure the right answer here. But my patience is all over with this...so its time to buckle down and fix it.  Any other suggestions?  The Naked Lily dance has lost its humor. ~ME

Happy 4th!

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