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4th of July...

We have spent the last 3 4th of July holidays with the Sanows.  When you have little ones the importance of watching actual fireworks seems pointless. Maybe next year?  Its good to have friends in the same boat so our evening can start out a little earlier with a BBQ and then end by 7ish. Sad. ha ha. Actually we dont really mind...Its fun to just have a little vacation and to take some time off. This year we went to the Sanow's home instead of hosting a BBQ at our house. The evening ended with an impromptu photo session. I did not even think to bring my camera gear (shame on me!) figuring I had my iphone. But the evening light was beautiful and the girls TOO CUTE.  So I stole Monterey's camera gear (The Twins Grandma) and shot away. Thanks Monterey for letting me steal! I think I have been spending so much of my time and energy on the new photo cafe that I really was itching for a photo session.  I have many on the books coming up soon but I was happy to photograph these girls even though I was supposed to be on vacation. Cant help that I love what I do too much! :) Here are a few pics I got that evening...

iphone pics:


Camera pics:


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