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Puke...Bee Sting...More Puke.

All in one week. Not exactly a great end to the week. But I suppose it could be worse.  We had a milestone as parents taking care of Lily puke. LOTS of Lily puke. We took a car ride to go to the air museum...got about half way there and Lily pukes EVERYWHERE. Joy. So we head back home...Dan gets her out of the car and she pukes...All.Over.Him.  Yes it was fabulous and our VERY first experience with all this. Lily was not a puker..ever. Not even baby spit up ever. Seriously. So I am thankful that she held it in this long and also waited until Daddy was home so he could take care of it :) And My Amazing Husband did just that. Although he was trying to avoid having to clean up after two pukers ha ha! Lily is fine. We are thinking she might get car sick even though it seemed slightly odd. We will test it another day and make sure we are more prepared for the disaster just in case. Next up? Lily stung by a bee. Daddy took Lily to the park and I guess while walking through the grass a bee visited Lily's wrist and thought she smelled nice. HOW RUDE!  It sounds like only a small cry and a little bump but nothing too traumatic. Probably good I wasnt there or we may have had a minor freak out :)

And then we finish the week with MOMMY puking. Got myself a migrane yesterday (well last night) that I could not get to go away. Every time I tried to take something for it I lost it. So I suffered through the night and morning and am just starting to feel a touch more human.  Again...Amazing Husband stayed home from work and took care of Lily and has been making me anything I want in attempts to get me better quick. Lets hope the worst is over and this damn headache vacates pronto.

This week I also had my car break down (have a loaner at the moment) and my phone break. Car is getting fixed and phone fixed wed and seems to be behaving at the moment. Can you tell Im all done with this week?  Been a weird one.  So Im just gonna say..all done. And this weekend will be much better :)  I have a craft fair saturday and my Grand Opening for the Photo Cafe Sunday. So no more bad news, sickness or things breaking. Got it. LOL!


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