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Coming Soon...

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I have a PILE of photos waiting for posts. I mean a PILE. I am getting flack from more people than I can count for not posting! OOPS!  Dont kill me. Its been a little hectic around here and the longer I delay the guiltier I feel. So then I think none of my posts are good enough for a comeback! ha ha!  So lets just start small...and work our way through the Pile. Then you guys will love me again and I will be getting back in the swing of things of my daily-ish posts. We all need a little Lily love in our day right?

For today here is a shot of Lily waiting to facetime with her Grandma.  She is not going to know what talking on a phone is! This facetime business is the way to go!  And PS...Grandma is coming to visit this weekend and bringing along Grandpa AND Cousin Landon! Lily is SOOOOO Excited!


More soon~ Dont give up on me!



Slacker Me.