My Bliss.

Welcome to my blog. Finding balance between  photography, family and everything in between. 

Well. This. Just. Happened.


 Okay maybe not just. But still. It happened. 11 Weeks and counting...



Whoa right?  Does this make up for the lack of posts? I have been tired and sick for weeks. So I think this means all is forgiven?  Im creeping through this first trimester and hopefully all will be well very soon.

Been trying to get something cute of Lily to announce but I finally just gave in and decided to spill the beans. Getting too much crap for not posting so I needed a GOOD post to be forgiven. My assistant, Stacie...did manage to get one shot of Lily :)


Well...this is cute. I shouldnt say it isnt....But someone else took it. I however have zero creativity at the moment. Its sleeping and puking and just trying to get through my day with a smile. Or at least a little less glaring. Ha! My husband has been his usual amazing self and helping out more than I can ask for. It makes me feel bad that I am not feeling well...but it is what it is.

Here we go for our next adventure. Baby Harlacher #2. Gender reveal Sept/Oct. And lots more posts coming.


~Tired Mommy, Big Sister Lily and Excited/Nervous Daddy!

My little princess...