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Name Game

Dan and I had our girls name picked out before we got pregnant but shortly after we picked a boys name. It was as easy as picking Lily's name. No debate...no argument just an easy I like this how about you? And once we decide we are pretty stuck on it.  It makes me laugh a little just because I hear so many stories of people who cant agree on anything or have a list of names they take to the hospital. I guess we are just quick deciders. ha. I think we should have a little name contest. Ill have a prize for the winner too!  So whats your guess? Give us your best girls name and best boys name. One of each per comment but you can leave as many comments as you want. In case I have a tie I want the guesses on separate comments. So just to clarify please post as many guesses as you like but limit ONE girl and ONE boy name per comment.  (if you already know either name...please do not play. I know there are a very select few that may know either the girl or the boys name).

Happy Guessing!


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