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Crack Cookies...

Okay maybe thats a bit extreme. But seriously. Have you bought these frosted sugar cookies from your local store? I swear there is crack in them. Or something that is irresistible that causes me to eat the whole box. Not kidding. The WHOLE BOX. I cant stop. I brought them to work figuring I would share them today. Ha. Share? Right. No one wants to take food away from a pregnant woman right? But honestly I can eat the whole box not pregnant so I guess that excuse does not hold up. 12 cookies. All in my tummy. Oh wait. 11. Hubby stole ONE! Thief. He offered to give it back...uh huh. After he devoured it.
Well if you have managed to stay away from these things thus far...I recommend keeping it that way. Cause once they got you...You are screwed. Anyone else guilty of eating a whole box? Come on make me feel better :)  Off to polish off the last few that were able to pose for a quick photo. Thank you cookies. My baby and I thank you!

Team Boy or Team Girl?

SnapShot Sunday...