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Dance Class...

I know today should be a photo tip...but Im skipping...Cause today was Lily's first Dance class!  I have been so excited all week for her to take this class and have been prepping her for it hoping she wouldn't cry.  I haven't taken Lily to anything like this since I pulled her from actual daycare so I wasn't totally sure how she would handle it.  The one help was she is taking the class with her friends Esme and Ellerie. So I figured since she wasn't with total strangers that might help. Plus we have been counting down the days and talking about all the fabulous things she was going to do in her dance class. Well...We survived with FLYING colors!  I think Sam and I were stunned. Zero tears or meltdowns from all three.

On our way to Dance Class...Happy Lily!



Parents get to watch on a TV in the waiting room. Trying to help with crying kids.  You can see Esme (left) and Lily (right) in the monitor swinging their ribbons!




I think Lily was going for teachers pet. She wanted to "help" clean up! So funny!



Kids all got to pick something out of the treasure box!


One final pic outside the dance studio!


We are taking a seven week class so I am hoping I will have more pics. Today was more about surviving with no tears.  The studio we choose is in the same complex as Bliss (my photography studio) so its super close.  Its also pretty awesome! I was pleasantly surprised as I knew it was there but hadn't checked it out. There are TONS of classes and options for all ages. I would highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area. They are called Encore Productions.

Excited to try again next week!


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