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Handmade Advent Calendar

In the midst of trying to figure out how to keep Lily out of the presents this year we thought we would try an Advent Calendar and see what happens. I browsed pinterest for inspiration and ended up creating quite the fun little project.  I had the canvas bags already from a company I buy packaging products from for Bliss. My friend Connie came to visit and said "I can do embroidery" LOL (did I even spell that right?)  Now don't worry I did some of the numbers after Connie taught me how.  And I was dealing with a crying Lily last night so the number 12 was a 2 hour number. But past that it wasn't so bad! ha ha. Each bag is filled with a little goodie for Lily (Despite the two days of ummm…..Toddler Bliss? ha ha…I guess she still deserves 24 treats! ha ha). There is no food or candy but mostly I raided dollar bins at Target and JoAnn's and then hit up the dollar store. There is stickers, puzzles, bath toys, ornaments to paint, snow globe, play dough and a ton of other little random goodies. I am excited for Lily to start opening them each night. Im wondering if Dan is going to be bummed there is nothing in the bags for him? ha!  Ill try and take photos of Lily opening at least one to post next month.

We decided since there were 24 of these bags we needed a fun place to hang them. Well…I have 29 posts on my staircase. Perfect! So we hung some garland and lights and then used some twine I had to tie each bag to a post. I am so happy with the way it turned out. Love holiday decor!

Here is photos of our little project...



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