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More Catch up...

Still have a few more images that I forgot yesterday! Actually some of the images were from yesterday but I found a few I missed too. First up I forgot to mention that Lily has LOVED the advent calendar!  Its been fun having her open a gift each day and its adorable when she says "Shall we Open it."  So cute!  Today we opened the last one which had a mini stuffed My little Pony. She was a happy camper.

This past weekend my mom flew into town to help me shop and I wrap (I hate shopping…and wrapping wears me out on a normal day so wasn't too good of an idea for me to wrap this year).  THANKS MOM!  And while we were out braving the crazies…Daddy and Lily stayed home and played.

On Saturday night we ventured out to Peacock lane. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!  Well it wasn't complete torture but pretty darn close.  We went last year and breezed through it without a single stop. This time…there was so many people they finally had to shut down the street so no one could drive down it. It was INSANE! I could not believe how many people were there. It was probably as bad as Disneyland. And the funny part is its not even that great. Its okay. But there are a few houses that look like didn't like being forced to decorate (one string of lights).  I think the mass of people was wearing on the adults about half way through as well. I couldn't believe how inconsiderate people are…Climbing in peoples yards for pics?  Ummm…I wouldn't want people in my yard therefore I wouldn't go in theirs. What happened to common sense and being polite. Shesh. Anyway…the kids had fun and its a fun tradition anyway. Next year…week day. LOL


Yesterday we had the Sanow girls over for a little Christmas Fun. Watching Rudolph, eating popcorn and making gingerbread houses!


We are excited to open our Christmas PJ's tonight and then gearing up for tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned...


Merry Christmas from US!

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